This is the upgraded verion of the budget edition to bring better sound quality and a better typing feel

Upgrades include:

-Black Durock plate mounted stabilizers

-XDA and OEM profile keycaps for no interference with north facing switches and a better sound

-Bandaid modded stabilizers if needed to help with rattle 

-More switch options

-Higher quality keycap sets


The keyboard is still foam modded and the stabilizers are still clipped and lubed for no rattle. The switches are also still lubed for a more satysfying key stroke. 

Items included in the box: 
-Braided USB C cable 
-Plastic keycap and switch puller

-Fully modded and assembled keyboard

Upgraded Budget Edition

  • We do not have any images of the finished product. The images inserted are the japanese xda profile keycaps on the keyboard, and the PBT OEM profile keycaps. The keyboard base color is either black or white. When we receive our keycaps we will add more images but for now these are what we have.